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US Studies : WWII Nonfiction Book Project: Unbroken

Descriptions of nonfiction books for the US Student book project.

Unbroken : an Olympian's journey from airman to castaway to captive : adapted for young adults by Laura Hillenbrand

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Library Journal Review

Library Journal Review:

 Louis Zamperini was a troublemaker until he channeled the energy he put into running from punishment into running track. Showing enormous diligence, he made the Olympic team. Then World War II began. The young man became a bombardier, his plane went down, and he and other crewmen survived agonizing conditions on a raft fighting off both sharks and starvation. Eventually, Zamperini was captured and sent to POW camps, where he was subjected to torture and abuse in horrific conditions. When the Allies won, he returned a hero, but with PTSD. Once home, at a tent revival featuring Billy Graham, Zamperini rediscovered his faith and turned his life around. In addition to writing a riveting biography, Hillenbrand supplies historical information on bombers, Japan, and POW camps in the Pacific theatre. [In the audiobook version], Edward Hermann narrates with a smooth tone and plenty of enthusiasm. He hits just the right pitch for both the witty and tragic turns. This is an intense tale, even if the most harrowing parts were toned down for a younger audience. VERDICT Recommend for students with interest in history and adventure. C.A. Fehmel, St. Louis County Library, MO