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Occupational Profile: Finding ebooks through Milner catalog

Sophomore Writing

Finding eBooks

Free e-Resources

Finding & Accessing Ebooks - Electronic Books

There are several ways to access ebooks for research, but the best way to search and find them is through the Milner Library Catalog.

Start by going to the Milner Library Homepage and scrolling down to where it says "Search Milner Library."

Select the Milner Catalog tab and select Advanced Milner Catalog Search.

On the Advanced Search site, type the keyword into the search box. 

Scroll down to the Limits and select the following: 

Version:  select Electronic (the big red "e").

Formats and Media: select Book

Additionally, to predominately government documents or HathiTrust documents, select:

Government Publications: Exclude Government Publications

HathiTrust eResources: Exclude HathiTrust eResources


Click on the Find button, and a list of resources with your keywords will appear.

Click on any of the titles to view the item record.



After you choose a book, you can access it by clicking on Online Access: link at the bottom of the book's catalog record.  (The online access link will vary depending on what platform is used access the book.)




Accessing Example: 

While each Online Access will look a little different, the process of remotely logging into the eBook Resource will be something like this:

1) Type Illinois State University as the Institution Name. You may check the box for remember my intuition.


Next you will be asked to Log in to your Milner Library Resource. 

Click on CentralLogin.

Sign in using your ISU/UHigh ULID and password.

Once you are signed in, it should take you directly to the book title you selected from the catalog record.  Click on Read Online to start reading the book from your computer or electronic device.

In the future, you can also search directly in the ebook resource. In this case, ProQuest Ebook Central.