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College Composition: Popular Sources, Newspapers, Trade Journals


Popular Sources, Newspapers, Trade Journals

Trade Publications:

Designed for professionals

Follows trends about a specialized field or industry

Written by practitioners and experts in the field

Incorporates jargon

Use for learning about the industry and products

Sources and reports sometimes cited       

Ads related to industry

Ex: Firehouse, Farm Journal, American Libraries

NOT: The Economist

Popular Magazines:

Designed for a general audience

Often written for a specific topic, such as entertainment

Types: general interest, pop culture, sensational

Written by journalists 

Covers cultural trends such as events or issues

Sources are referenced, not formally cited

Uses general, everyday language

Lots of photographs and ads

Ex: Apple Magazine, People, ESPN, Vogue    

NOT: American Journal of Psychology


Provides current news (local, national, and world events)

Covers special interests (people, places, and events)

Written by journalists and columnists

Refers to sources, not specifically cited

Uses everyday language, some more advanced

Some photographs used

Ex. Pantagraph, Washington Post

NOT: US News and World Report

Find Sources

Newspaper Databases