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QUEST Research Model: Step 5: Transform


Quest Model (Transform)

TRANSFORM: What will I do with this information?

So far you have read multiple sources of information, developed an understanding of your topic, and collected/analyzed evidence to support your argument. Now it's time to put it all together:

How will I put this information together in an original way?

How can I use technology to help present the information?

How do I want my final product to appear?

Who will help me edit my final draft?


TIP: Check back with your teacher's expectations. Have you met all the requirements of the assignment?

How To Create An Outline

Writing Objectives

Now it's time to begin crafting your OWN argument. Ask yourself these questions as you move forward:

What will I claim based on the patterns and trends I see in the information?

How does the information best fit together or flow (causation, comparative, correlational)? 

What evidence makes logical sense to support my claim?

What would the other side argue, and how do I address this?



And take a moment to reflect on the process:

What parts of the process are the most challenging for me?

What did I do well? What do I like most about what I accomplished?