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Taste of Summer Reading: Besties Share Books

Recommendations for Ms. Reiman's Am Lit Classes

Best Friends

Ms. Pole and I are best friends. One of the things we share is our interest in books. Below are books we have shared with each other,

Favorite Author: Margaret Atwood

Favorite Poet: Mary Oliver

Favorite Author & Series: Laini Taylor

Favorite Author: Kristin Cashore

Favorite Author: Jennifer Donnelly

Favorite Author: Sarah Vowell

Favorite: Poetry

Favorite Trilogy: Broken Earth

Favorite Chronicle: The Kingkiller Chronicle

Favorite Author: Anthony Doerr

Favorite Author: Gene Luen Yang

Good Reads

Non-fic Picks

Favorite Author: Rebecca Solnit

Favorite Author & Series: Patrick Ness

Favorite Author: Ursula LeGuin

Favorite Author & Series: Erika Johansen

Favorite Author: Madeline Miller