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Global Graphic Novels: World Lit: Interlibrary Loan

Creating an Interlibrary Loan Account (ILL)

1. Go to the Milner Library's home page

2. Click on the "My Accounts" feature in the top right-hand corner


3. Click on the "Milner/I-Share Account" link


4. Create an I-Share account username and password. Use your ULID as your username.

5. You will need your student ID number and you should use "Illinois State University" as your affiliate library.

6. Then click "Submit" and login using the link in the top right-hand corner.  


Borrowing a Book from an I-Share Library

1.Log in to your Milner accounts using the "My Account" feature on the Milner homepage.

2. Click the Milner/I-Share account link.

3. Log in.

4. Search the catalog for the book you are looking for using the Search bar at the top of the page.

5.Once you find the text, use the availability tab to locate copies in the I-Share system.

Example: Persepolis record

6. Look for UHigh or Illinois State Library as a location.

7. If there are no copies available at either location, then change the search location using the dropdown menu for the location feature at the top of the record. Change from Local Catalog Search to All I-Share Libraries .

8. You will need to repeat the search. Find the desired text in the results.

9. Using the the "Location & Availability" tab find an available copy.

Example: Persepolis copies at I-Share Libraries

10. Click on "Request this item" under the status of an available copy.

11. Request the item by choosing a pick up library (Illinois State University) and a pick up location (ISU Main Circ Desk).

12. Click "Request". You will receive an email at the email address you used to create your account when the book arrives at Milner.

13. You will need to walk over an pick it up from Milner Library. You will need your ID. Only you can pick up the book.

Borrowing a Book from another library