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Ebook Resources: Sora ebooks

How to find and locate ebooks and audiobooks

Access Sora

Sora Video Tutorial


Getting started with Sora

With Sora, you can get free ebooks and audiobooks from your school.

Step 1

Install the Sora app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or go to

Step 2

In Sora, find your school (University High School), then sign in using your Student ID number.

Step 3

Browse the Explore tab and borrow a book. Your book will open so you can start reading right away.

Step 4

Close the book and go to shelf to see all your books (including assignments). From there, you can:

  • Select Open book or Open audiobook to read or listen to the book.
  • Select Options to renew or return the book, see your notes and highlights, and more.


Step 5

  • To add your public library:

  • Click or tap menu icon.
  • Select Add a public library.
  • Use the search box to find your library, then select This is my library. The library will open in the Explore tab.
  • Normal residents who need library cards, can complete this application and receive a card within hours.