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Resources for Environmental Science


Standards:ETS1 Engineering Design
ETS1-2 Design a solution to a complex real world problem by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable problems that can be solved through engineering


Many cities do not have appropriate public transit which leads to more cars on the road. Identify the issue of transportation in a city, and explain how your city will address public transit, remember to think about how people have moved out of the city center into the suburbs.


Congested urban areas lead to more pollution. Identify how pollution occurs in an urban area and explain how your city will prevent or decrease the amount of pollution. Remember to be specific and address multiple types of pollution.

Land Use

Highly populated areas use land quickly for roads, housing developments, and businesses, leaving very little natural land. Explain how this negatively impacts ecosystems and ecosystem services. Please identify the ecosystem services and their benefits you will address when designing your city

Agriculture and Meatpacking

Due to the fact that cities and sprawl contain so many people, food must be provided. Explain how both agriculture and meatpacking (how meat is raised) can negatively affect the environment. Identify how food can be raised in a more beneficial way but still provide for all people. 

Sustainable Cities Project


Create a sustainable city plan addressing the issues below and explain how your city will fix or prevent the issues from occurring.
You must clearly define each of the issues below, each of the 4 issues on the left have multiple avenues, so be sure to address several aspects of each. Once you have clearly identified the issue explain how your city will prevent, fix, or decrease the problem. You will need to use reliable resources and are required to use the library databases as specified in blackboard.

Picture: You will need to create a map of your city showing aspects like transportation, natural space, sprawl, city center, etc. You may also want to include other pictures to show your alternatives to current city issues. You may draw or use the computer to create these images.

Works Cited: Provide a detailed list of resources in APA format. You must use articles from the database or from the website provided. If you use other articles not provided from the database or website you must get them approved by the teacher.