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Race: The Book

Purpose of Paper

Extending OR Challenging Aronson’s Argument

In order to complete this two-week project, students will select a research topic from their reading of Race: A History Beyond Black & White. The purpose of this assignment is for students to engage in research and argument regarding Aronson’s use of historic facts to support his thesis.

In order to participate in a historic dialog, establish credibility, and practice research skills, students will extend OR challenge Aronson’s representation of a selected historical event, person, or concept of their choosing.

Students will write a well-researched, persuasive essay that either confirms and builds upon or challenges Aronson’s research.

This essay should accurately explore the historic event/place/person being researched and the student’s argument as to the significance of this topic in the context of Aronson’s work. While it is important that the student adequately set up the context of Aronson’s work with a summary, the summary may not take up more than one page of this 3-5 page paper.

Similarly, should the student’s research challenge Aronson’s work, their essay should consider the consequences of their new research to Aronson’s argument.

Essentially, the student needs to answer the question, what impact does their research have on our year-long study of Aronson’s theses (arguments) in Race?

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