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What is a Text?

Are You Reading Work or Text?

The next time you pick up something to read, notice whether you are consuming and taking the written word for granted, or you are making associations and interacting with the text. Are you treating those written words as if they are etched in stone with only one meaning, or as a layered tapestry that echoes several possibilities?

Ancient Greek Tablet

Interested is more like these? Just ask the Librarian.

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Table Theme:

Names of students in this group:


Directions: The purpose of this activity is to recognize and explore some of the MANY types of texts that flood our daily lives. In your small groups, split up and explore the texts on your table and in the libguide related to your table theme. Then, find one example of each type of text (listed below). Discuss and list its title, purpose, and appeal factor (to those in your group) in the corresponding box.

Category of Text:


Prose (Fiction)



Media (Song, Film, Video, etc.)








(To Entertain? To Inform? To Persuade?):






Appeal Factor (High/Medium/ Low):