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What is a Text?: Space: The Final Frontier

The Milky Way Planets

The Right Stuff (Movie)

The Past, Present and Future

Thorium: the NASA Story (Documentary)

The Future by Nick McMillin

Monitor Mounds, stacked
in a sea of circuitry-

Powerless Plastic, cracked
glass screens of memories-

Tossed and drifting down
a winding wave of facts.

Disembodied voices drowned
in radio wave rackets.

Static Signals from robot ligaments
fake a denigrated home.

Celebrating major monuments
of human-generated chrome.

Star Wars: Rebels (Cartoon)

Theatre in the Space Age

Across the Universe by Robert Scott  Comedy sketch about the hunt for extra-terrestrial life

Aliens vs. Aliens by Sarah Reilly A satirical look at our dependence on technology which has led to a breakdown in personal social interaction. Aliens plan to invade the Earth but are bewildered by this state of affairs.

Star Trek

The Star Wars Universe

Just the Facts