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Guided Inquiry in Action: High School: CREATE


"After students have gathered enough information to construct their own understanding they are ready to organize their learning in a creative presentation in the CREATE phase. Creating a way to communicate what they have learned through the inquiry helps students to articulate what is important about the subject and requires them to integrate the ideas more firmly into a deep understanding. The Learning Team guides students to go beyond simple fact-finding and reporting to summarize, interpret and extend the meaning of what they have learned, and then CREATE a way to share their learning with others." (10)



Create to Communicate

Reflect on Learning

Go Beyond Facts -
Interpret & Extend


  • Analyzing and synthesizing information
  • Creating a product/presentation
  • Ethical use of media: copyright,
    fair use, Creative Commons

Inquiry Standards

SS.IS.6.9-12. Construct and evaluate explanations and arguments using multiple sources and relevant, verified information.

SS.IS.9.9-12. Use deliberative processes and apply democratic strategies and procedures to address local, regional or global concerns and take action in or out of school.