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Guided Inquiry in Action: High School: Planning Process

Learning Team Members

Content Teachers


Subject Matter Experts

Reading Specialists

Writing Coaches


Planning Steps

1. The Team outlines the concept, the guiding questions for the unit design and identifies the learning objectives for all five types of learning.

2. Designs assessment to match learning goals.

3. Uses the purpose of each phase to support the design of the unit.

4. Brainstorm together the best ways to OPEN inquiry, IMMERSE students in content, EXPLORE the ideas around the theme, etc.

Shift from Topic to Concept

Shifting from content-based inquiry to concept-based inquiry requires establishment of a conceptual focus. Concepts are "systems of highly abstract ideas" that are not only abstract, but also universal in application, timeless, and grounded in observation.


Japanese Internment National Security
American Revolution Revolution
Fuel Energy
Blood Circulation Systems
Egyptian Pyramids Rituals