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Epidemiology Capstone Project: Home

Unit 12 Epidemiology Capstone Project

Capstone Research Project

Project description: 

For our capstone project, you will select a human infectious disease and research a few things about this disease. After, you will construct a portfolio that you will present to your peers with the following information:
  • Diagram and label a model of your chosen pathogen and describe functions of components and classification of the pathogen.
  • Create a timeline that explains the symptoms of your diseases from when the pathogen first enters a human till cure or death of the host.
  • Apply knowledge from text sources and a podcast to create a one-pager that focuses on how disease shaped history, culture, or society.
  • Create and explain a model showing how your pathogen infects its host at the cellular level.
You will use a variety of resources for this project, including 1 print source, a podcast, and online resources.

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