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Zotero Help Guides: 3. Installing the Zotero Plug-in for Word


Installing the Zotero Word Plug-in for Firefox

  1. Return to the Zotero download page.
  2. Under the red ZOTERO 4.0 FOR FIREFOX button, click on the blue “Add a plugin for Word or Libreoffice” text.
  3. Under the Heading, Microsoft Word–Windows, click on the “Install Word for Windows Plugin 3.5.2 (Firefox extension)” text.
  4. Up in the left-hand corner, click ALLOW in the pop up window.
  5. Then click INSTALL in the second pop up window.
  6. Click RESTART NOW or restart Firefox yourself. You do not need to turn off your computer

Tip: All Word documents must be closed and you have exited out of Word prior to downloading the plugin.