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Lab School Inquiry Framework: Focused Research

Continuum Model for Research and Inquiry In English and Social Science


What I, the Student, am Feeling

Emotional Response to Process:

  • Clarity
  • More focused reasoning

What I, the Student, am Doing

Analyzing source information

  • Continue to collect information that allows you to support your research inquiry, hypothesis or thesis
  • Are you finding enough credible evidence to support your claim? If not, return to the information immersion stage

Analysis/Writing stage

  • Create draft by organizing, analyzing and synthesizing information
  • Select Rhetorical Approach or Argumentation Style
  • Continue by completing the writing of the draft

What the Teacher and Librarian are Doing

  • Teach and model how to analyze an individual source
  • Teach and model how to synthesize multiple sources in order to form one conclusion
  • Provide student feedback

Before Moving On